What if.


What if as artists we kept creating things out of the love of it? What if we followed our hearts at this very moment, regardless of the negative voices we've been trained to hear? What if you didn't care that your creations may come off like they came from left field, because you actually know yourself better than anyone knows you? They just aren't ready. But that doesn't mean you aren't.

Imagine this, you're in a room sitting across a friend you've known for a long time. You've shared a lot of a memories with them: good times and bad. You've helped this friend grow and they've done the same. You don't know where you'd be today without them. They've introduced you to a lot of opportunities, helped you discover the world in ways you couldn't have imagined, they remind you constantly how far you've come, but they also remind you what you could've been, could be.. focus on the could be.

This is how I visualize my relationship with my YouTube channel.

There's a lot of things that prevent me from creating more music/content/videos. Here's two:

1) Time: whether it be the lack of it or too much of it. When you have too much time, you tend to over think. (You as in me. Not you. me.)
2) Fear: I'll lose subscribers. I won't get that many hits. People won't watch my stuff. They won't like it. They'll hate it.

But I can't control others. I only have control over myself.

So what if I started changing things up in my platform(s)?

What if they don't resonate with it? Oh, but what if they do.