I am brave enough..


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brave jennifer

#iambraveenough to continue pursuing music, in whatever shape or form, despite being a "minority" - whether that be my race, history, or circumstance. As a young married couple, John & I continue to hustle trying to make things work so that we can do what God has equipped us to do with our talents, opportunities, or skills.. "adulthood" can get in the way but we gotta fight for it all. Thank you Sara Bareilles for such an amazing voice that you bless us with along with your stories! #braveenoughtour was a show not to miss. Thank you to my husband for believing in me even when I hardly believe in myself. And thank you to all of you who continue to support me as a person.. Musically.. And spiritually.

What have you been too scared to do? What are you gonna be brave enough for?

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