All that is new: Logo, Chicken, & Friends: Bantam + Biddy Review

camerajenI'll be using my Canon EOS 650D aka Rebel T4i for all my snaps! This is the camera I purchased while I was in Korea. Got a sweet deal on it that came with extra batteries, USB readers, a camera bag... oh, Korea how I miss your such packages.

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Anyone notice my new banner/logo up top? woot woot!


I'm very much a girl's girl. I definitely had both guy friends and girl friends growing up, but I'm a firm believer that every girl needs a good group of girl friends. The most difficult aspect of moving away is leaving the ones you love and care for the most. Being new to Atlanta, I'm lucky to have met a couple of really cool gals named Stef and Hanna. Both of them are the girlfriends of two of John's groom's men and Stef actually had been friends with the hubs in their hometown. I thought it'd be nice to spend some time with them and we set out a hangout date! We were gonna get ourselves some boba but had a change of plans due to grumbling tummies - that's when Stef recommended checking out Bantam + Biddy.

brunchmealMy pick: I ordered from the Rotisserie part of the menu: 1/4 Carolina Chicken which came with jalapeno cheddar bread & a choice of two sides: Broccoli & Farro Salad w/Vidalia Onion Dressing V + Cheddar Mac & Cheese V


brunchcoffee Who here's addicted to coffee? I'm getting there...

brunchbread the jalapeno cheddar bread


Broccoli & Farro Salad w/Vidalia Onion Dressing V

brunchmaccheese Cheddar Mac & Cheese V

Bantam + Biddy is located in Midtown - Atlanta, Georgia in Ansley Mall. I love the feel of the restaurant because as soon as I walked in, the natural light came through the windows brightening up the whole restaurant with its white interior. The menu has a whole lot of gluten-free & vegetarian choices; but in general everything seems like a healthier alternative to the usual Southern food I'd been having.

I worked at a restaurant for a year as a hostess so I recognize the hard work that goes into working in the food industry. Staff members deal with all types of personalties and some people are awful. I do make it a point to be extra nice to servers/hostesses since I've been there, but the service at Bantam + Biddy wasn't all that great. Our server was forcefully "helpful" & made us feel like she wanted us to hurry up and finish our meal to get us out. The restaurant wasn't even busy. That was my one downside: the service. But either way, the food was yum and I had great company.

After our meal we sat outside and chit chatted a bit more.

stefStef tying her hurrrrr


The beauty of Atlanta is that there's always the option of sitting outside as long as you find some good shade. It was a much needed "girl time" let alone some healthy grub that wasn't all fried :p

I am uber guilty of digging the fried food though...

SO! There you have it, folks. My first post with pictures intentionally taken for this new blog o' mine :) I'm no Sylvia Chigs or Melly but I love visuals! Bear with me :D and thanks for coming along for the ride.