"I won't need that where I'm going."

iPad or Kindle HD? Hypothetically, if I had the money to, or if I decided I really wanted to invest in one, which one should I get?

I am in no means about to buy one. I just like asking questions. Honest. I'm weird. It's like when I go online shopping, I put a bunch of stuff in my cart after spending a tremendous (a tremendously unnecessary) amount of time browsing and exit out of it. It's cathartic to me. Strange? I know.

Of course there are times I like to splurge; and that's only if I know I have the money to pay for it, not just rack it on my credit card. It's programmed in me to naturally not want to spend money consistently on clothing and things in general (except food. That's a whole different topic.) Truth be told, I never got allowances growing up. My mom was a single parent dance teacher and a lot of what we did was save money just so we could pay the bills for our one bedroom apartment that me, my mom, and brother lived in and our minivan. Even though I'm Korean, I never got "lucky money"/"New Year's Money". The one time I did get "New Year's Money" was when I visited my friend Claire and her family insisted I did the traditional bow to their grandma. It was seriously one of the strangest and sweetest experiences in my life. Thank you, Claire. I freaking love your fambam.

My mom pretty much shopped for me (ain't no shame in that, my mom is very stylish) until I started working when I was 16. But even then, I'd much rather spend money on going out to the movies with friends when I could or just having meals out.

My junior year when I went to prom, I remember my mom opened up a credit card just so I could get a prom dress. I think the prom dress was a little under $200. Even at that moment, I felt bad and burdensome to my mom, but she wanted to do that for me. I loved that dress so much and it meant more to me knowing what my mom had to do get it for me. I know I'd do the same for my daughter when the time came.

During a church sermon recently, I was reminded by a quote "I won't need that where I'm going." The message was to reiterate to us the importance of giving and being selfless with our belongings. To remember that what we have now, all that is physical, isn't needed in heaven. All those other things will perish. It isn't to say that we shouldn't enjoy the blessings God has given to us, but it should open up our hearts to others and give when we're called to. Even when we give, we shouldn't feel like it's an awful obligation and that our hands are tied against our backs in doing so. We should give knowing that "there's plenty where that came from" and all of it comes from God.