Minsu & Namoo's First Baby Shower!


Jayna This past Saturday we were invited to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our soon to be niece, Jayna Naomi Kim. If you're wondeirng who Minsu & Namoo are, Namoo was John's best man at our wedding. He's one of John's very best friends who knows all the ins & outs, all the quirks & glories of John and it's been such a joy getting to know him as well as his wife, Minsu. Minsu's become a friend of mine that I consider one of the closest I have in Georgia even though we don't get to see each other often.

The baby shower was so cute and they had little games, decorations, & awesome food for the guests.


diaper game

diaper game 2

(Lol.. looks gross but basically it's baby food and guests had to try and I think guess? My stomach was too weak to participate but I found it endearing.)





The whole event was filled with parents and their kids. Everytime John and I see our friends with their babies, we're reminded of what is to come one day and the joys of being in our friends lives to love on not just them, but their precious ones.


We're so excited for the both of you! Praying your love will continue to thrive with God as the center & that Jayna will grow up knowing an unconditional love like so <3