To serve unrecognized & still feel like I've "won"

We like to hear thank you. We like to hear that others acknowledge the work that we put in whether it be at work, at home, or even on the streets with complete strangers as we hold open the door for them. No one is entitled to anything and we should be thanked for helping.. right? The other side of that is: no one is entitled to anything and we shouldn't expect to be thanked for helping... right?

One of my personal pursuits is to be able to put in good work in all aspects of my life with no expectations of it coming around to help me. I don't want to be envious of others' come ups or rewards, I want to be really genuine with my actions. It isn't to say that I want to be taken advantage of when I assist others continually, but I want to be able to practice unconditional servitude with God's love in mind.  I will fall short but it shouldn't stop be from reaching to higher possibilities. I will speak up when I need to be heard, but I don't have to justify myself or be acknowledged everytime I do something. The value of my work & deeds are not valued upon the amount of reciprocity or gratitude I receive back. This mentality will only make me stronger because I will not be defined by the perspective of others.

I look forward to being in a community where I am able to support those around me while being completely comfortable with myself. I pray that God will challenge me in a beautiful way as I shift gears yet again - upward and onwards :)