"Baby, turn the lights out."

"XO" - Beyonce -- Choreography by Marissa Osato & Will Johnston

[vsw id="2UeIzvbLHjI" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

I'm so blessed to personally know these two.

Marissa and I were SPOP (student parent orientation program) staffers the same year (ROYAL!) at UC Irvine so I got to know her bright personality through school. Whenever I watch her perform, my heart smiles and it hurts a good ache. She exudes so effortlessly.

Will and I were both bay area folk from UC Irvine that got to carpool back home one time in his fuel efficient car. I actually secretly fell in love with him when I was doing sound work for the dance show he had a piece in. His body does thangs you never knew a body could do!

I will be forever a fan of the both of them.

Yonce + two of some of the best choreographers I know = MONEYYYYYYY

You see, I used to be on a dance team in college, (out of the gracious hearts of the coordinators because I definitely wasn't a strong dancer) but I had the opportunity of meeting some AMAZING PEOPLE. I can't wait to share with you more videos of talented friends :)