"If I die, if I die, it's 'cause I'm building up a few ten goodbyes.."

Tim Atlas - Ten Goodbyes

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"Roses red, violets blue but who gives a damn?

Lovers and friends, just thrown to black and white.

Oh if I die, if I die, it's 'cause I"m building up a few ten goodbyes.."

Can you look back on any of your past relationships and remember that one you just couldn't get out of or completely end? You "build up a few ten goodbyes" because every time you attempt to end things, it kills you everytime. That moment you walk away and your heart stops for a moment and you forget to breathe. One of the saddest things about looking back on a lover who was also your friend, is the reality that it turns "black and white" - plain and simple - it is no longer, and there is no life to what kept you both breathing in sync.

At least that's my interpretation anyway ;)

Let me know in the comments how you interpreted the song. Let's #songverse about it.

Check out more of Tim Atlas because he's a bay area buddy of mine & a kick ass musician.

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