... solidifying the structure of my atypical life.


leaving This past weekend I got to visit Dallas, Texas for the first time to perform for AALEC 2014 at Southern Methodist University.

It's exciting when you're about to take a trip. You make plans on where you want to eat, what you want to see, and what you're going to pack. You know you want to make the most of your time while you're there.

I've certainly had the pleasure of traveling across the US after being invited to perform for different events from New York, Chicago, Michigan, Florida, and now Texas.

Looking back on all of it though, it feels like an archival blur.

I traveled the most as a college student. I'd take classes on the weekdays, work at my part time on campus job, fly out Friday to the location of the venue, perform Saturday, fly back Sunday, and start the week all over again. It was a blessing, yet it was tiring. I had to pack just to unpack again, etc. Switching the on and off button of traveling took a toll on my soul. I felt disconnected from a lot of things back at home. I missed a lot of birthdays and get togethers because I was on my own passion journey. But whenever I was home and wasn't off for a gig somewhere, the people I cherished the most never resented me or made me feel like I was missing out. I realized I was the only one making myself feel bad that I couldn't be with everyone else. I always wished that I had Hermione's time turner so I could experience everything. But I value being able to "get away" once in a while and live out unique experiences. I have more stories to tell and it gives me a chance to really look forward to going back and appreciating the things I may have otherwise glazed over.

It's all about perspective.

Rather than concentrating on what I may have missed out on, I own the fact that I've been solidifying the structure of my atypical life. As I continue to write down the words to my story, I am confident that it isn't an account many have lived out themselves, and for that I am grateful.

How do you perceive things from where you are?

over texas


Photo 1 credit: Solina Choi