Wedding Bells in Chicago: Catherine & Eddie Song


Last weekend Joules & I attended Catherine & Eddie's wedding. It's crazy to think that a year ago I met Eddie for the first time at our wedding and now here we were about to celebrate his. I've been to Chicago a couple of times for performances but this time around it felt good to be there for family. I spent most of my time helping watch my nephews, Silas (5), Paul (2), & Ashton (< 1 year) I don't know how mamas do it, but everyone go call your mom and tell them how much you love them for dealing with you your whole life. Mamas are the best.

They had a gorgeous wedding at the Chicago History Museum. I'd never been there but the venue itself was so ideal because their ceremony/reception room was all white. Their decorations were light but made all the difference in an elegant way. It was my first time meeting Catherine and everyone was on a tight schedule so I didn't get to spend much time with her, but there was so much love in that room. I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord will continue blessing the both of them and lead them in their marriage. Woohoo, Eddie!

Joules was actually a groomsman himself. He helped also by shooting a video that I can't wait to see when he finishes.. he gets better and better everyday at his craft. Proud to call him my hubs.

By the end of our trip we made many new friends and I even got to catch up with Albert who happens to be in Chicago for pharmacy school. God is so good and I'm grateful He continues to expand my horizons.

Here's some photos from our trip for memory's keepsake.

about to head to chicago

1 more day for c&e

One of Sharon unnie's freakishly cute kids, Paul.

Jen Unnie, Ashton, and I on the streets of Chicago

My makeup done by Mimi Unnie the #MUA

John & I


bahn mi from del seoul

chicken wings from del seoul

handsome hubby at dullop cafe

obligatory chicago's bean picture

I end with this prayer:

Lord, I lift up both Catherine & Eddie to You. I know that You have always been faithful in their lives, but I pray that as they pursue their lives together after their proclamation to everyone in holy matrimony that they will hold their promise true. Although tough times may come for it is not easy for any two sinners to become one, I pray that You'll stay at the center and as their solid foundation. Let not the enemy get in the way of Your good work that they are to accomplish. I pray that Eddie will confidently lead Catherine as a man of God and that in return she will lovingly submit to him as he loves her whole heartedly as well. Let John and I be support always in hard times and great times. In Your precious name I pray, Amen! <3

at last - catherine & eddie