Run River North - "Oh, hear the monsters calling home."


It's hard to come by good people.The harder part is keeping them in your life - especially if you live a gazillion miles away from them.

I'm at this transitional stage where as a not so new Georgian (been here almost a year) I constantly experience meeting new people but it isn't easy to meet people I can naturally vibe with. I'm just beginning to build a new community for myself.

It isn't easy though, and as you get older it doesn't get easier because when you create connections with people, you start to use all these filters to protect yourself. Sometimes it's nice to let your guard down and just breathe - that's what I get to do with my friends back in Cali.

run river north

My friends from California, Run River North (formerly known as Monsters Calling Home) performed at Centerstage Vinyl and stayed with Joules and I in our home. It was something I'd been looking forward to for a while, not just because my ears would be happy, but my heart and eyes have been yearning for familiar homies.  They were perfect on stage and a smile was evidently plastered on my face the whole night.

run river north 2

bass and beat - run river north

Before I knew them as this awesome band, I knew them individually as awesome people. They are individuals who have always loved God whole heartedly and their faithfulness is evident even in their music. I pray that the Lord will continue to use them as vessels and be with them as their music continues to thrive. They're breaking barriers in so many ways and I'm lucky enough to call them not only my friends, but my brothers and sisters in Christ as well.

John: You have always been a great brother and I love how God's blessed me with someone who's stayed pretty dang consistent since 07'. You've always kept it real and have supported me despite how different our tastes in life have been. Thank you again for supporting me at my wedding with Joules. Tears of joy. Sally: You are hilarious and I love all your tatts. (I think of that story you told me and I still crack up by myself) So happy to see you thrive since our first ISA encounter. The texture of your voice is golden and I hope we can all hear more of it. Honestly. Daniel: You are legitimately one of the most talented people in the world. From music, photography, to videography, running, and impromptu farts.. God is glorified through your work and I am thankful to have had you be part of my past projects. Thank you for gracing your talent sprinkles onto them. Alex: Your voice is everythaaaaang. I actually remember the first time me meeting you was at Kollaboration (I think maybe at Kollaboration Acoustic) You've been so down to earth even up to now. I am confident that your voice is loud because the Lord wants you to be heard, brother. Joe: Seeing you on stage made me so proud. Like I told you, because I knew your sister for a good amount of time and I love her so much, I naturally love you. I know she's uber proud of you and for that I felt like I was seeing my little brother on stage. You are going to make the dog you adopt very happy one day. Toby misses you btw. Jenn: I'm so glad I got to finally meet you. Seeing you so fierce in the music video, I wasn't sure if you were going to try to kill me lol but you were so sweet, it just proves how multi-talented you are. You are a strong young woman with a great head on your shoulders. Play them strings & continue to rock for God.

run river north smile with us

run river north smile with us 2

If you haven't seen them live, they have some extra shows they just added:


Take a listen and fall in luv.

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