"and they sing it with heart - sometimes even more than you."

188491_1789738977028_7630455_n How nice would it be to travel the world singing and not having to worry about money. I guess worrying about money is a choice, but there's a lot of things attached to security. There's also that pressure that comes with not just worrying about yourself, but the well beings of those around you: family, friends, and even strangers who need a helping hand. How nice it would be to travel the world singing and do it as a living. Then I wouldn't have to worry about money, but know I can use it to support myself, my family, friends, and even strangers who need a helping hand.

More than being known, to be able to write songs and sing them on a stage to have people recite the songs back. The meaning of those words you've written applies to theirs no matter how skewed, and they sing it with heart - sometimes even more than you.

I close my eyes and I re-imagine the moments I've been on stage. I'm generally comfortable there. I feel like it's the only place I can have a conversation with everyone in the room and not feel anxiety. To be presented with the opportunity to get on stage and do my thing whether or not people stay to listen, that's up to them. It's up to me to entertain openly, honestly, vulnerably, and share. It's not just for them, it's for me as well. Performing is a cathartic release and I'm wired to reboot this way, but I'm feeling rusty and the fear that I'll stay this way forever gets deeper. So now it's time to really get down to business.

What are the necessary steps to take to pursue this forever?

I've always felt grateful for my serendipitous musical path, but what's going to keep me on it?

Lord, You've been so gracious to me with this gift and with it I've been able to travel far and wide. I realize now that my lack of faith is what's kept me from further pursuing a life filled with music. I pray You'll give me the discipline and passion for performance that is deeply rooted in You. If my intentions are true, there is no way I can fail.