Out with the old, in with the new. Wherever you go, you are still you.

A week from now Joules & I are moving into our 3rd place together here in Atlanta.This will be our 3rd place in the past year and a half.

Moving royally sucks, but there's something therapeutic about packing our things, throwing junk out, and starting all over. When you're forced to move (various circumstances) you're forced to face all the baggage you may have gathered that you don't necessarily want to take to your new place. (Literally and figuratively speaking.) I'm trying to be intentional with what I've learned from our home and how we could do things differently as a unit at our new place.

  • How will we decorate?
  • How will our furniture be set up?
  • How will we give each other space when someone needs quiet time?
  • How often will we take advantage of our amenities?
  • What will make our home a home?

The age old question, "Do I really need this?" usually ends with a "Yes, one day." from a hoarder like me. This time around, I've convinced myself to fill up two bags to donate. (Someone take them away now before I change my mind.)

Plenty of things begin to hold sentimental value and it gets difficult to part ways from it, but there are also moments when you come to realize, "It is tiiiiiiime to let it go."

I'll be sure to take photos of our new apartment before we put things in. I'm gonna make it a point to write posts of our progress of making our new space our new home.