A leap of faith in Him, not me alone.


I've been invited to speak as the music representative for the Q&A panel for Atlanta's YouTube Creator Day at Google HQ tomorrow. I gladly accepted and feel like it's a step forward with me coming back to music full throttle.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to meeting other content creators in hopes that I can inspire them and be inspired by them as well!

Going full-time and posting videos regularly again, I feel the growing pains. After a long long long hiatus from posting, my view count isn't what it used to be especially compared to when I was at my peak, but I know I have 2 choices.

1) Be sad about it and get discouraged. Stop posting videos, stop writing songs, stop recording, and reminisce on the good old days, always wondering what could've been.

2) Get glad and continue to create content - songs, vlogs, blogs, just share. Keep posting and don't do it for the quantity of numbers but for those quality people who are waiting, supporting, and rooting for me.

I'm in a unique position where I get to rediscover what works for me and what doesn't work for me. I get to really invest in my ride-or-die supporters and give them the commitment I couldn't give before when I was trying to juggle a billion jobs at once.

Even through meeting so many "YouTubers" since I began in '07, I know which relationships were solid and true, while others may have been just business/acquaintances. Back then I didn't know if people wanted to truly be my friend or just associate with me for whatever perks I may have been able to offer them at the time - be it connecting them to someone else or a possible collaboration. It's just a relief knowing who's really here to stay.

I pray that going back into this I'm able to create a better foundation and surround myself with the right people and team.

I started posting on YouTube 8 years ago unaware of where this would all take me. Now I'm back to posting on YouTube aware of what it did for me, what it is, and what it can be. The possibilities are endless. It's not the means of everything, but it was the catalyst that brought me to terms with what I truly love to do: sing, perform, and write, it is my ministry, and I even met my husband thanks to it.

"It is not our lack of strength that prevents us from enjoying God's blessings, or from worshipping God wholeheartedly; it is our lack of faith in HIS strength." - Timothy Keller

Taking a leap of faith means just that.

So if you're stuck doing something you don't want to do, perhaps a job that pays the bills but you're not 100% with, but you're in the constant pursuit of your true passions, please don't lose heart. You'll know when it's time. God's just waiting for you to trust Him. It'll all come to place.

[Shoutout to 4 Pointes Church eco-group plan for the quote!]