June came so soon - music & them thangs.


Korea was awesome. It was the first time Joules got to go since he was 12 and it was also the first time for him to meet my dad, grandma, and other family members. While it was a great vacation, it was also a fresh after I left my job and had to set the mindset of how I was gonna go about doing music full-time. It was a much needed detour for the both of us, a clean slate to prepare us for our journey back home.

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But it wasn't all just food and fun, music was definitely there. I got to record at a studio for a cover I collaborated with Tony T. on as well as an original track for Joules' upcoming project.


Since Korea I've especially been getting back on my YouTube grind. Posting regularly on both my channels is something I've been getting back on the groove of and with great timing I was invited to speak on the panel for YouTube Creator Day at Google HQ in Atlanta. I was so thankful to meet other creators and also meet the faces of YouTubers not just from Atlanta, but different places of the South.

Feeling official

Being from California, there definitely is a certain camaraderie and understanding on the YT life which I honestly got overwhelmed by when I was younger, but taking time for myself and figuring out life has really helped me appreciate what I have back at "home"(cali) It was just a great opportunity to know that I wouldn't be alone on my grind here in ATL.


Shout out to Andrea for the invite and having us!

YT Panelists



As of now, I'm in the workings of writing, writing, writing...

In the mean time, have been singing songs that I've been digging.

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I grew up singing covers by the musicians who influenced me and singing covers helped me open the doors of opportunity. Hope y'all will ride with me through this whole process and look forward to my upcoming original work!

So. much. love.