The She-Song Panama City Beach Family Trip 2015


IMG_0300 I never imagined Florida beaches being this clear and peaceful. Our family took a trip this summer to Panama City Beach and I couldn't thank my brother-in-law & sister-in-law enough for letting Joules and I join in on the fun.

Mama Song relaxin'



Being in the water really reminded me of when I went to Hawaii in high school for a band trip! The only downside of that trip was that there was a leakage that time of year with oils and supposedly flesh eating bacteria so I don't think I got the true Hawaii Tourist experience but if Hawaii is too far from you, you definitely have to scope out the Panama City Beach Beaches. I also heard a lot of great things about Destin Beaches which were close by.


Being from California a lot of people assume that beaches are an everyday thing. As a bay area girl though, the beaches were usually cold and you went there to mostly partake in bonfires! Then when I went to UC Irvine, I hardly went to the beach because you had to drive out there (I didn't get a card until my 3rd year in college!) and I was self conscious like crazy. I've come a long way from then! But I still have a long way to go.


:"I've never been the type of girl to like going swimming or going to the beach. A lot of it had to do with my insecurities, not feeling like sweating like crazy layering up in the sun because Lord knows I'd be wearing a swimsuit, shorts, and an oversized shirt just to make sure I wasn't revealing too much - displaying my pudge for the world to see and judge. Sometimes I'd put on a brave face and just say "fudge it" I'm gonna swim today. I'd put behind me the mentality that I was going to be ridiculed and even if I was, that I really didn't give a pirate's booty because people gotta concern more about themselves - not appearances but their state of mind and heart. My body is a blessing. I am strong. I can walk, run, climb, sit, & lay as I please. I am loved. My husband tells me how beautiful I am even when I personally think I look the most ratchet, and my grandma tells me she misses seeing me everyday - they're just a couple examples of the loves of my life. I have a roof over my head, a means of transportation, but most importantly the Lord has already taken care of things. So shoutout to the folks who feel me and have spent majority of their life covering up their "flaws." Unlock that chain and feel the freedom. You are so beautiful, amazing, and loved. If someone tells you otherwise, throw up a prayer for them. They need it🙏💗"


It was a two night trip that went by fast, but it was a much needed getaway and family time. I don't take anything for granted and hope that you all have the pleasure of making some time for the ones you love the most!



Let's all savor the summer nights we have left this year.