Settling into our O4W home + original music


IMG_8369We successfully moved out of our place in Midtown and moved into Old Fourth Ward all in one day thanks to some amazing friends. Here's my personal blog thank you to Andrew, Mimi, Ben , Joseph, Jin Ho, Colin, Andrew, and Isaac for making the move smooth despite how overwhelming it was!

Again, I reiterate that I've moved many times and it never gets easier.

What really helped us save some time was taking advice from Andrew/Mimi by renting boxes from a green friendly company - Better than Boxes. You order the amount of boxes you need, they drop it off to you and you have a week (unless you order it for longer) and they pick it up from where you end up moving to! It saved us a lot of trouble and a lot less things got damaged this time around. Plus, you feel good about goin' green!



Prior to the move, my friend Christina was in town and I helped her work a trade-show event for five days on top of packing to move. It was so freaking good to have her, spend time with her, and be part of a cool event but packing on top of that made me start to doubt whether or not everything was going to happen. BUT IT DID, so hurray!

After we moved in, we immediately got around to settling in with all of our stuff and hanging the art and pictures that make home feel like home. I took the past week just breaking it in with cooking, practicing guitar, and getting back into the groove of things.



Here's a quick look of our home studio at the moment.


What we didn't anticipate was the magnitude of the noise coming from construction. The noise is sporadic so that's something that we have to figure out as I make more videos and write more music. God willing, the construction will end sooner than later.


With the songwriting I've been doing with Pae-Day, we definitely have enough music for the EP but now we have to buckle down on which songs are going to make the cut.

I spent some time today re-writing the lyrics more neatly in my notebook because I tend to write like chicken scratch when I'm creating in the moment ;)

Can't wait to share more with you all <3

Also, Toby has an instagram now so we hope you'll follow him!

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