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I don't drink and that's okurrrrr.

"Do you drink?" Such an awkward question.

Kind of a trick question too these days. Does it mean we can't be friends if I respond incorrectly????

Now that I'm 24 I feel like I have to so yes otherwise people feel uncomfortable like I'll judge them for drinking or I'd be no fun to be around. I'll admit, I was one of those kids that NEVER wanted to drink. I seriously waited until I was 21 (20 if you count when I was in Europe but that was legal) No, it wasn't because of my love for Jesus (He also drank wine although He never abused it.) A long story for next time, but short version: I just grew up around people who abused alcohol and I saw the tom foolery they displayed and didn't want to be a part of that. I even cried when my closest friends drank because I worried for them - that's how traumatized I was.

Then I had a "rebellious" stage where I tried to get into the whole drinking partying scene but just couldn't get into it. Sure I was really good at downing some Patron before KTFO-ing but I was half committed - dreading the fact it was going down and hating myself afterwards. I just didn't like the taste, ended up forcing myself to throw it up because I hated having it in my system, and was sad about the waste of calories! Let's be real, I'd rather have some Milk Tea than Hennessy.

BUT I admire those who truly appreciate wine/beers & enjoy the taste and can differentiate them. Ale, Cider, Red, White, green? I don't know. But I recognize it as an art in itself. It's a talent!

Every now and then I have a drink with friends (Okay, rather a sip or two and my husband or friend finishes it) to embrace the moment of life & cheers. But I love my friends for not feeling weird about me not wanting to get krunk. I was that chick who would chill in her sweater, sweats, & Jordans at a Coffee shop while her friends went out for drinks and met with them afterwards at Karaoke to maybe sing a song or two completely sober. THIS IS MY LIFE and I love it.

As I get older I recognize the pressures if feeling like you aren't "cultured" if you can't tell the difference between tastes of wines/beers let alone coffees. I'm owning what I love and encouraging you to do the same.

I also decided I'd make a list of

9 reasons why  I'm great to have around at Par-Tays even though I don't drink the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, baby!

Why 9? Why n...ot!

Dislcaimer: This list applies to my homies. I'm not someone who likes following around random drunkards.

 1) I am your forever reliable D.D.

Curse those who say they'll be the designated driver and can't even stand on their own two feet by the end of the night! Never a problem with me! But we'll most likely take your car if you have a tendency of puking.

2) I'll always get you water within 15 minutes of you needing it.

Jackie Kim will vouch for this. I am forever the water woman. Both men and women bartenders see the earnest yearning of water in my sober eyes & don't charge me for a bottle of agua.

3) If I decide to order a drink, that means you just got a free drink.

I'll pay for it, but won't finish it. It's all yours!

4) I'll have a play-by-play recollection of miscellaneous events that happened the night of.

This will be useful for blackmail, funny story sharing time, & police reports.

5) I don't need alcohol in my system to break it down on the dance floor.

I just need a good bass hitting tune playing or interpretive dance may ensue.

6) Non-blurry picture taker? That's me!

Don't you hate it when drunk people try to take a pictures for you at the club or bar? Also, I just got Lasik so double win for my visual clarity.

7) I will prevent Beer Goggle Vision & Hearing from ruining your night.

Yes, I believe drinking can also misconstrue your hearing when it comes to sweet talk. I will steer you aware from all creepers & weirdos. You can thank me later.

8) I clean up after your hot mess.

Mostly because I don't like being surrounded by dirty munchies dishes/cups & bottles but isn't it nice to wake up to a clean home when you feel like the world is spinning?

9) I'll drive you to Pho the next day.

That MSG will soak all that alcohol in your system up. Mm hmm. Nom nom.

Songfully yours,