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I went lighter! Y'all have no idea how patiently I waited to color my hair and go light. My skin is very pale so having lighter hair actually will make me "glow" (According to Julie my new colorist extraordinaire)

Who: Stylist|| Julie What: Colored my hair - Balayage Where: Pika Pika Hair Salon in Duluth, GA

I live in the city of Atlanta so the drive was half an hour, but you don't get your hair done every week so the drive once in a while really isn't that bad. Plus, I had my Spotify and was belting out Tamar Braxton's Love & War like a maniac in the car the whole way.

I had such an awesome experience because going into it I was fully confident in her. I was referred by a friend named Rachel to get my hair colored by Julie and it helped that she had a great archive of her work on Instagram. [I TELL YOU GUYS, SOCIAL MEDIA IS POWERFUL IF USED WISELY. Actually, it's powerful even when it isn't used wisely.]

Before & After

She's extremely personable & her work ethic is engrained in her veins. Found myself not only a new colorist, but a great person in Georgia! I just couldn't wait for the finished look.

Did I mention that no bleach was used for this color process?

Before & After

Her technique is with color waxing that I had never heard of before but considering I got a steam perm not too long ago, my hair feels great and I feel like this is a hair color that's going to stick with me for a while.

Now all I have to do is take care of it by adding hair oil at the ends after I shower and remember to BRUSH my hair.

TIP: Always do your research before doing something drastic to your hair. You won't regret it. The latter? Yes, you will regret it.

Julie also has clients who fly over just to see her. E-mail her here:

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