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You're the "Sweet Lorraine" to my Fred.

At 3:22AM I watched this video in bed alongside the husband as he snored away, tired from his long day of work. Teary-eyed, my thoughts started racing & this rush of overwhelming gratitude & love came over me. [vsw id="70426141" source="vimeo" width="325" height="244" autoplay="no"]


I watch this story of an older man named Fred who had written a love song/love letter "just because" & submitted it to a songwriter contest after losing his wife and love of 75 years. He doesn't consider himself a songwriter, let alone a singer, but he had to express the feelings that overwhelmed him and sent it out not knowing whether or not anyone would listen. He felt the need to write the feelings down & write his love letter to his wife. The people who listened were touched because the words he wrote pierced their hearts. His words were true & it resonated. The studio went ahead to approach him & help him complete this song in honor of their love story.

The song itself sounded country/folk/acoustic. I'm personally not a huge country fan, but I can tell you that I'm a fan of this song.

It's so easy these days for all of us to determine whether a song is good or bad. You hear it all the time, "This song sucks." "Mm it's alright." "OMG this song is freaking good." But there really isn't a formula. Yeah, there may be a general formula that mainstream music likes to check off for the next hit - maybe add an 808 or a killer bridge that comes in after the second chorus! Blah blah but I mean there isn't a real formula to determine the legitimacy of a song to be a song. See, Fred didn't even make a real melody or have a composition, but it was HIS song. The words moved from his heart to paper, and with the help of amazing people it continued onto becoming a fully produced piece which he got to listen to. I guarantee that went full circle back to his heart. Too many times we worry about what other people will think or say about the work that we do. This is something I am a victim of when it comes to my music and the work that I do (or don't do) but in reality this is my lifeMy purpose here is to do best with what I have within me but stay true even if nobody cares for it.. as long as I care for it & as long as I know my identity is not through others acceptance.

Just last week John & I released our newest cover that we did together in our new home. It took me a while but let's be real, "YouTuber Jennifer Chung" has been MIA. I didn't know what to do with myself because I didn't have all the resources to come out with the kind of content I thought I was supposed to come out with. I just lived my life. But while living life I've learned so much more about myself & the goodness of God. I've always sung love songs but for the first time in my life, and for the rest, I know I have someone to write & sing love songs for with all the good, the ugly, the bad, & the beautiful that comes with it. I had actually started crawling into this cave of "maybe I'll just sing in my own corner now & give up this whole music thing" but he dragged me out, set me straight & pushed me to better myself in all ways.

I couldn't imagine what it must feel like for Fred to have lost his bride, his best friend, his confidant, his everything. All those years of fights that made them stronger, laughter that left joyful wrinkles on their faces, & endless amount of memories.. John & I have been married for 4 months now & it's already been extremely adventurous to say the least, so we're just getting started. We'd be so lucky to have 75 years and fight through whatever comes our way and come out of it being better lovers & people.

I pray to the Lord tonight that He will continue to guide us through our marriage and all of our endeavors. I pray that He will use our talents to point to Him so that we can never do it for the satisfaction or approval of others but for the joy & integrity of where it all comes from. I pray that we won't squander the gifts & blessings the Lord has given us and to never turn away from the opportunities that He truly calls us to do no matter how big or small. I pray that I will better understand God's love for me so I can better love John, and the same for him.

And just as Fred sang to his "Sweet Lorraine" I will sing to my Sweet John :)

My sweet snoring John. <3

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